Monday, May 31, 2010

I probably got in Mary Kay for a reason different than most. I hated looking in the mirror. Well, actually I hated myself. So I figured if I sold Mary Kay I had enough integrity to use the product.
The first two weeks were awful. I would stand in front of the mirror and pray, “God, show me what you see when you see me, because I don’t see any good thing.”
Sometimes I would cry. Over time it got easier and easier. Then I began do one on one facials. I saw other women cry because they didn’t like themselves either. In my heart God's pink mission field was born.
Still I struggled because I didn’t fit the Barbie doll image of what I thought a real Mary Kay consultant should look like. It was torment. I wanted to do it for a myriad of reasons, but I was tormented. Then recently the Lord showed me how I had come into agreement with what the enemy said about me instead of what He said about me. I repented.
Father God says, I am fearfully and wonderfully made and one of His marvellous works. (Ps 139:14) When I say I am not, I am calling Him a liar. Ouch!
So I began again and He showed me the bumble bee. Now some say the bumble bee should not be able to fly, because like me, his body is just too large. But the bumble bee took what he had and allowed the pressures to create a vortex to give him the thrust to fly, hover and work. His weaknesses became his strengths. So I began to copy him and build a team.
Just like the bee goes from flower to flower, I go woman to woman sometimes just to love on them, sometimes asking them to join me and then teaching them to fly, too.
This summer I will become a Director and my flight pattern will increase. I have stopped frenetically recruiting just anyone, but asked the Father to show me the flowers He wants picked. Some may look weak and spindly; some may be strong and showy, but I want the Father to put together His bouquet so we can bring the fragrance of the Father’s love to His daughters.
Last year Mary Kay Foundation gave three million dollars to shelters for abused women. They do this by introducing three special lipsticks. One dollar from each of these lipsticks goes to battered and abused women. Over 30 years ago, I was a victim of domestic violence. I will be 65 this July. My goal is to sell 65 of these lipsticks by then. Is there any reason why you couldn’t buy at least one? They make a special gift, too, as they are in a beautiful tube with “Thank You” written in 14 languages.
Mary Kay has no territories. If you know someone, perhaps even you, who would like to have additional income or who can see this as a pink mission field as do and want to join me, please call or email me today. I would love to teach women to fly.
Bee-utifully Yours
Diane Dunn