Monday, November 28, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

I am really working on extricating myself from all drivenness and performance. Made a conscious decion NOT to work this past weekend and the world remained on its axis. lol
I asked Mike to invite some of his friends to come over and help Ray decorate the house inside and out. Ray never had that as a child and LOVES it. His stamina has been waning and I really wanted him to participate without the pressure.
The deal was I would cook while they decorated.
We had a blast.
I think I am about through with fear of poverty. I always save my most exquisite ribbons for Mary Kay or presents. Instead I opened the door and said use whatever you want. Enjoy. Enjoy they did. I did not direct. I simply let them have at it. (a big step for me. lol)
They ate and had fun. The guys went for seconds, thirds, but there was no greed present today.
I really wanted to spend Thanksgiving with my family, but God showed me today that is exactly what I did. My church family is still family and God-orchestrated.
Mike told me before one family came that they have to find another place by the first. So I paid attention to conversations. There was no hint of impending crisis or lack. They just laughed and oohed and ahhhed. What a ministry session I had today. lol I saw what "casting all your cares on Him" really looks like.
At the close of the day the Christmas parade passed in front of the house. All of the Christmas lights were on to greet them. I cry at every Thomaston Parade. I am 66 so I remember the simple times before the gross commercialization of Christmas. We had decorated fire trucks, tractors and even horse-drawn carriage. A far cry from Macy's. Very low tech, but absolutely chocked full of love and smiles.
The squirrels have been busily collecting my pecans. They saved few for us. Usually when they are that fast and furious,it means we are in for a long cold winter. There is snow in North Georgia already. Maybe, just maybe we will have a white Christmas.


Monday, November 14, 2011

Give me a glimpse

We are created in God's image, but when we look in the mirror that is not what we see. We see a reflection of our failures, abuse, rejection and abandonment. The antithesis of "Lovely, lovely, altogether lovely."
I believe it is because we have been looking ar the wrong mirror.
I remember when I first started selling Mary Kay, I would begin the skin care routine with, "God, please show me what you see when you see me for I see no good thing."
After a couple of weeks, I changed my prayer to,"Lord, could you just give me a glimpse?
Hope this song gives you that glimpse: