Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Paradigm Shift

I have not written in almost two months.
A lot has happened.
Celebrations, revelations and death.

There has also been some personal restructuring going on. I have had to take classes to change directions. I will be leaving the limits of this blog and moving over to another one called Diane and Friends.

We plan to launch it February 3rd. There is a great deal yet to be uploaded, formatted and linked. So excited to have Caitlin Dunn helping me. My awesome husband, Ray, is organizing  the pictures so I can readily access them.

As I look over these 300 posts on this site, I can see how God has carried us. I can even see times when I was full of myself instead of Him. I humbly repent.

I have family and friends from Italy to Australia and this blog has helped keep us connected heart to heart. Love, tears and prayers have kept us connected,

Romans 5:5b says, "May the love of God be shed abroad in your heart through the power of the Holy Spirit." Any love I share without His power is meaningless dribble.

Pray for us and we make this paradigm shift to better share His love and with no fear of man, let the words fall out.