Wednesday, May 14, 2014

This is the Now!

When I lived in Florida, I would go to the beach and stand at the edge. I loved watching and feeling the water coming and going over my feet. I like that feeling you get when all of the surrounding sand around each foot is pulled away and the "pad" you are standing on gets smaller and smaller. Finally, there is too little to stand on and you change positions.

That is where I am with life right now. Things and people are changing around me and some are being pulled away by the ebb and flow of life. And THAT'S OKAY.

Where did we get the idea that life is a bowl of cherries?

The reality is that life has some bumps. We experience highs and lows. We can't freak out just because we are feeling a bit mellow today. Perhaps today is a day when we really need to stop and smell the coffee.

If we don't, then that pervasive feeling will manifest in bingeing, melancholy, shopping sprees or any other dopamine rush you can find. We should not deny our feelings but, we have to be careful not to let our feelings steer our lives.

Sabbath rest is considered antiquated. Yet, if we took time each week to slow down, reflect and rest, we could be more focused and intentioned when we do the things we are called to do.

So maybe it is time to call a time out. Listen, instead of talk.

Stand on the beach of your life and let the ebb and flow gently wash away those things or people that are just busyness or distractions. We don't have to do it all or have it all. We simply embrace what is set before us.

I am de-cluttering my life, my house and my schedule. I am learning to make time for the things that are important to me. There were some things in my life's backpack that God never intended me to carry. I am laying it down and just when I think I am slowing down, He opens a door I had not seen before. It has meant new relationships, new experiences, new revelation from His Word.

Have you ever eaten a very rich dessert? I eat it slowly. I want to savor each bite. I want to feel it in my mouth. I want to enjoy its flavors.

Life is like that. When you eat it one bite at time, you can taste the complexity of its recipe, the tangy notes along with the sweet ones. If you stuff the whole enchilada in your mouth, you miss out on so much and you feel stuffed and puffed.

Choose to life your life fully.

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Tanja said...

You have such a way with words Diane. Love the imagery you use xxx