Monday, January 19, 2009

Many Hands Make Light Work

Saturday I had almost 25 women at the house making favors for our church's baby showers. So far we have eight scheduled before fall. We are a very pregnant church.
In three hours we finished favors for four of the showers and had a ball doing it.
Whether it is the first baby or the fifth, we celebrate the life given to us by the Father.
The shower is a celebration of that coming life, not a place to get the loot. In fact, folks are told if they can't bring a gift, that's fine. Come for fellowship and support for the family. The women helpers were from 13 to age 74. There was no generation gap here.
Each shower is different and tailored to the new baby or Mom. Saturday we made lion and lamb note holders, diapers out of baby scrapbook paper, pillow boxes, cartoon-lined goody bags and other decorations.
As always there was chocolate for fuel.
If you come to my house, which is an old 1930's Arts and Crafts style, you are greeted as family. Most know where the tea pot and coffee are. You just help yourself. More often than not Mary Cornelius is my social director. She has such an way of making people feel comfortable.
I have a long cabinet in my wide hallway with craft supplies, so there is always something on hand should we change the design midstream or the concept just does look the way we envisioned.
Many hands make light work, but it makes the heart light as well.


Mari said...

You ladies are awesome! I can't wait till Wednesday.

Mari said...

Thank you so much for all you put into making my shower SO SPECIAL...I'm still processing it all. Love the diaper bag! Check my blog next week for a post about it.